5 Things My New Etsy Shop Has Taught Me

Since I wouldn’t have started a blog if I didn’t open an Etsy shop I felt it appropriate to describe the learning curve of the past few weeks. It has been about a month since I opened my Etsy shop, The Happy Couple shop. One of the reasons behind the shop is that I was laid off from my job. So for the past month I have spent A LOT of time learning how to promote my shop and at the age of 27 re-learning the social media scene. I consider myself to be relatively young and feel that I should know all there is to know about the way people interact on the internet. I couldn’t have been more wrong….
5 Things My New Etsy Shop Taught Me
1. The first thing I learned from opening my Etsy shop is that you can’t just throw some items up on a website and wait for the money to roll in. It is about building a shop that has a presence all over the web.

2. I learned that I needed to start a blog!! Although I did learn this early on in the process I also have been procrastinating this step out of fear, public humiliation, failure, the list keeps going. But here I am so please give me a chance before you tear me apart (I hope if you are reading this you are not here to rip my ideas apart though).

3. SEO is very important but no one really know how it works… I have read tons and tons of articles on this topic and they all stress the importance of using the “right” keywords in the “right” way but they also say that the “right” way changes so often and the search engine robots are so sneaky that there really is no cut and dry method.

4. A view on my Etsy shop does not equal money in my bank account. This has been one of my most frustrating first lessons. I am addicted to watching my “shop stat” and I get so so excited when someone views my shop or my listings but then I still have to stare at that big fat zero under orders. It is still a bit of an ego boost to know that someone I don’t know somewhere in the world is taking the time to look at something that I so proudly put my love and time into and created!

5. I was completely on top of social media when Facebook first came out. Now, so many years later, I am learning everyday about new websites for social media and a lot of new expressions and terms. I am currently reading 301 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Marketing by Catherine Parker (look for a review in the near future). This book has been invaluable to me so far in teaching me about social bookmarking (which I had never heard of) and the ins and out of the sites I already knew something about.

So while this has been a learning process I am very much enjoying it and can’t wait to see what comes up next.
What has your creative business taught you? Please leave a comment below.


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