10 Resources for Etsy Sellers

http://happycoupleshop.com/I have spent the last few months learning everything I can about running a small business and specifically an Etsy shop.  I am a new Etsy shop owner and I make crocheted items and you can visit it here.  I never could have dreamed how much information there is out there and how much there is to learn.  I made this list to compile some of my favorite resources in one place for anyone out there who is looking for the same information I was.  All of the links and articles included come from websites that are full of great articles and information.  I included them because they are informative, helpful, and going to the article will lead you to even more help.

7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Shop:  This article simplifies how to use the world of social media to your advantage in a specific way.  There is a really interesting 5-10-5 rule that will help you allot your time online efficiently and give you a more solid promotional plan.

Planning for Positivity in 2014: There are some great free printables included here but overall it is a very helpful post on goal setting for your business.  There are some ideas on goals to get you thinking and a great goal setting system.

Starting an Etsy Shop: 8 articles you must read when setting up your shop.  This post includes a ton of great resources and will help direct you to where all of the great information is on the internet.

20 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Etsy Shop:  These ideas are very creative and again there are very specific ideas to help boost your sales.

Handmade Success: This is a great overall website including many resources and articles for all things Etsy.  It also includes resources for blogging and crafting.

Ready for Etsy Success?: Straight from the Etsy Seller’s Handbook this is another goal setting blog.  Having goals is so important so you know where your shop is going and can plan how to get there effectively.

Selling Handmade: Packaging Your Etsy Product: Often overlooked in the selling process, packaging is an important way of leaving a lasting impression with your customers.

Etsy Success: 4 Things to Do Now: Not only are there links to other articles here, there is a simple list of how to get great sales!  This is also a blog straight from an Etsy team of sellers who know what they are talking about.

Back to Work: Tips to Improve Your Etsy Business: This is a great article for a brand new seller or someone who wants to take their business to the next level.  It focuses on the basics that you may be neglecting and includes other things you may not have thought of at all.

10 Tasks To Do in the Quiet Months: Every seller has a slow period and instead of panicking this post gives some insight into how you can use the down time to your advantage.


Crocheting Vs. Knitting

Crocheting or Knitting- (1)

I learned to knit as a young girl from my left handed mother. I should have known I would never get it 100%. However, up until about two years ago I only knew how to knit and I knit scarves and pillows as gifts. I could make these because they only involved making straight lines. One day I was curious about the art of crocheting, bought a hook and looked up a video on you tube. The internet is a great learning tool and between various blogs and online videos I was able to crochet whatever I can think of. This is what inspired me to open my Etsy shop. I became various curious about the two schools of fiber art and was curious about what people preferred and why so I put the question out to the social media world. These are just a few of the opinions about the subject. Please feel free to share your own thoughts.

Easy to see progress
Flexible with making different shapes
Only one stitch on the hook
Easy to fix mistakes
Always something new to learn

Not as “classic” as knitting
Many stitches to learn and remember

Fabric and finished product looks better
More sophisticated look
More widely known by various people

Time consuming
Hard to fix mistakes
Harder to adapt to different shapes
Less room for creativity

So what do you think? I have a very strong opinion about why I prefer crochet and most of the people I asked are in the crochet community. Knitters please come forward and tell my why knitting is better!

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