3 Steps to De-Clutter Your Brain

Declutter Your Brain

After reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done I was inspired to get my “To-Dos” in order.  It is amazing how much peace this has brought me.  Getting all of these nagging things out of my head has really cleared up the space I need to create!

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3 Steps to De-Clutter Your Brain on Oh My! Handmade Goodness


Blog Post Planner

After spending the past week on Pinterest and what seems like 90% of the blogs in the universe searching for the perfect free blog post planner I came up with my own.  I have certainly found some really great planners, checklists, and schedules but none of them were just right (think Goldylocks here…).  So here it is!  Feel free to download and share! (If you share please please link back to this though).   Blog Post Planner

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Are You Putting Your Best Foot Forward?

Putting Your Foot Forward


Online businesses have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  With this increasing popularity the average person now has the opportunity to become a business owner from their own living room.  Social media and the ability to communicate at lightning speed has helped fuel small online businesses.  Anyone with even a small budget can use social media to market themselves and connect with their target audience.  The internet has made the world very small and almost anyone you connect with could be a potential customer.  Every time you have an interaction online you are representing yourself and your business and possibly gaining a customer or turning someone off from your business.  There are thousands of articles online about how to market yourself through social media but people seem to forget that it can sometimes be the littlest interaction that will have a huge impact on a customer (whether they are your “target” customer or not).  So with everything you type, post or share with the community think of whether you are putting your best or worst foot forward.

  1. Ways to put your best foot forward and build positive relationships:
    • Always be respectful!
    • Be friendly, encouraging, and supportive
    • Offer valuable feedback and insight
    • Share your expertise and help others
    • If you like what someone is doing, share it with others!
    • Connect with others and meet new people
  2. Ways to put your worst foot forward and turn off potential customers:
    • Forget that someone may want to purchase from you someday
    • Be rude, snotty, or stuck up
    • Spam by only promoting what you are selling
    • Asking people you don’t know to promote you for no reason
    • Only talk about yourself, all the time
    • Worry so much about your competition that you have no relationships

Please remember that even when you aren’t talking to someone in a business conversation it is very easy to look up who you are and find out what you do.  I wrote this post because I had a negative experience with someone online, looked up what they sold and realized that I loved what they were selling! I would have been a potential customer!  All because of their interactions online they lost money because they assumed I wasn’t their target audience and they weren’t marketing to me.  Has anyone ever turned you off from their business because of an interaction you had before you even purchased from them?  Did you have such a great interaction with someone that you researched them and became a customer?  Do you have any other advice for creative entrepreneurs?

The “Ah” Feeling

the ah feeling pic

Monday night I got home from my new full time job and felt a huge sigh of relief.  This was the first evening in months and months I walked in my house after a long day of work and had absolutely nothing (well nothing immediate) weighing on me or stressing me out.  I just left a part time job where the “members” (it was a credit union) treated me like a piece of trash.

I am the kind of person who is passionate about treating others with respect, especially if you have no reason not to.  Something about going into my workplace for 8 years a day and having people be so insanely disrespectful can be completely exhausting.  I can honestly say I have never worked in a job where people were rude to me simply because either a.) I was new or b.) I was the only one telling them they couldn’t do all the things they had been doing that were against policy.  I hadn’t realized how much this 25 hour per week job had been killing me until I left.  On top of leaving this job it is also the last week of school and I am actually ahead in my work.  I feel well prepared for my Astronomy final and have zero work left to do in my English class.

So… I am working 10 hours less a week, not stressing about school, and no longer weighed down by disrespectful people.  Life is good!  I am at a point where I have time to focus on my passions: making the world a better place, crocheting, building my business, family and fun!  (This is also the first summer in 8 years I will have weekends off).  This is a very exciting time in my life and I am so happy I can share it with the world.


What is weighing you down?  What can you do to achieve that “Ah” feeling?  Anything I can do to help?

Have a wonderful week!

Oh My Handmade a Creative Co-op


I recently joined and participated in the Annual General Party for a great website called Oh My Handmade.  This is a wonderful group of people including makers, entrepreneurs, marketers, writers and more.  We are all sharing in resources to help one another achieve our goals.  It is so refreshing to find a supportive group of people with all different kinds of skills who are openly willing to share their skill set.

The Annual Party includes a giant survey of what a co-op of creatives would mean and how it could best be created for the community.  I encourage anyone who creates or is starting a small business or blog to not only check out the website but join the community and share your thoughts in the survey here.  The purpose of this event is to create a vision for the cooperative by getting many opinions and creating a plan to achieve that vision.

You can always find fun activities to learn about your co-makers and become involved.  The forums are a great place to meet people and share what you know!


Join the conversation and learn about this community of awesomeness: Oh My Handmade

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