Pinterest Adventures: Fixing Broken Makeup

Fix Broken Makeup


Find Original Source Here (lots of great beauty tips too!)

Pinterest Try Grade: A+!

This pin is very popular right now across Pinterest.  Basically, it says that you can follow a few simple steps and fix your makeup.  For example when you drop your bronzer on the floor and open it and what was once a nice pressed powder is now a mess of powder chunks.

Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the makeup (enough to make it into a paste).  Then use something like a spoon, butter knife, or small spatula (a Spatty Daddy perhaps?) to smooth it out completely.  You want to make it look like it originally did, nice and packed down and smooth.  Then just wait until it dries and… good as new!!!

This pin is 100% awesome! I use it when I drop my makeup and ruin it and also when I am running low and the makeup is stuffed in around the corner and I want better use of it.

Fix Your Makeup

Find original source for this photo here (with video)

Try this one for sure!  (The first time I tried it I broke my makeup on purpose just to try it)

Have you tried it?  Please share!!!!


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