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Organize Your Life in Style

Organize in Style

I love all things organization!  I am always obsessed with finding the “perfect” day planner and just the right pencil cup for my desk.  Most people struggle with organizing their homes, schedules, and lives and are always looking for help.  While there are countless articles and books to read, products to buy, and professionals to hire (like myself).  The number one most important thing I have learned by organizing for myself and others is that you must have systems that work for you and that you like!!  If you have baskets set up and labeled in your linen closet but you don’t love how they look you will not try to use them and keep things put away.  If all of your makeup is beautifully organized in drawers with a great system you will never put it back if it is not convenient with your routine.

When trying to get organized you must at least like the system you are trying to use.  That being said I can’t stress enough that you absolutely do NOT have to spend a lot of money to achieve this.  Check out sites like Pinterest, Craftgawker, or any of the amazing blogs out there and you will find lots of inspiration for organizing on the cheap (this is how I do it in my own house).  So here are some home organization products or DIYs that I think you will love:

Home Management Filing System: I love, love, love this system for organizing paper clutter!  Clean up the kitchen counter or table, and get a handle on mail, bills, etc…  With her system you will never pay a bill late again!


How to Organize a Small Home Office: I can truly appreciate this post!  My office is a very weird “extra” room in my house that also serves as my closet, dressing room, craft room, extra storage, etc…

small office


Organizing Made Easy: Great roundup of tips from all over the Web.  I love this list because it shares tips for organizing all of those little things you can’t seem to find a home for!


Hopefully in these posts with hundreds of awesome organization ideas you can find a few that will work for you and your situation.  Always be thinking:

  • Will I want to use this system every day?
  • Is this convenient for me?  Is what I use regularly accessible to me?
  • Does it “fit” with how I want my home to look and feel?

I hope this helps but if you have any questions feel free to ask me!!  Do you have any resources you have found work for you?  Did any of these tips or tricks help??



Best of the Week July 6th

weekly roundup july 6

Happy Sunday!  I haven’t done a weekly roundup in a while but I like to only share when I have some really great stuff so here are some awesome things I found, did, or read this week:

I read: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal  I had never heard of this book, or of Nasty Gal until a few weeks ago.  In one of the forums I participate in someone had mentioned this book so out of curiosity I looked it up.  As you probably have noticed by now I don’t have much time to read so I buy audio books and use my commuting time as my reading and learning time.  Wow!  This book is absolutely awesome and I recommend it to any woman whether she wants to be an entrepreneur, is interested in fashion, or just has a job that she doesn’t love love love.  I will post a full review in the near future but for now, read it!  Girl Boss


The Fortune Cookie Principle  Jess Van Den at Create and Thrive started a “Creative Business” Book Club and this book is our first assignment for July.  Well I started reading and couldn’t put it down.  Jiwa teaches us that we should be less concerned with the “commodity” or actual product we are selling and more concerned with our story.  It is so fascinating to see how other companies have successfully done this.

Fortune Cookie Principle


Coolest Thing I did this week (and probably all month): The Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster (doesn’t it sound insane?)  I am a huge chicken and I hate roller coasters.  But after watching many many very small children take repeated rides I figured I would give it a shot.  It is hard to explain but you ride on your own little cart to the top of the mountain.  Then you go down the mountain on a roller coaster type track.  The best part is that you control your speed.  By the third time I actually wasn’t so scared and went pretty fast!  I wasn’t able to take pictures on the down (obviously) but hopefully these will give you an idea of how completely awesome it was:






How was your week?  Did you do anything fun or special for Fourth of July? Did you read or find anything awesome?  Please share!!

Free Fourth of July Printable

I LOVE Fourth of July!  For the first time yesterday I actually met someone who agreed that it was their favorite holiday.  I never knew what I loved so much about it (besides summer, hot dogs, and beer) but she explained it perfectly.  As much as I love Christmas, there is so much pressure and preparation for me to truly enjoy the holidays.  Fourth of July is just easy!

This is my first guest post for Kelly at her awesome blog Typically Simple.  She has great DIYs, recipes, and fun activities.  I created this printable for her readers but you are more than welcome to check it out, download and use as you please.  It is great for decor on your BBQ tables, your front door or wall.  Enjoy and have a great Independence Day!!!

Here is a preview but you will have to follow this link to actually download it:  Click Here for Printable

Fourth of July Printable

How are you spending your holiday weekend?  What is your favorite think about Fourth of July?

Enjoying The Journey

Welcome to “The Beauty is in the Blooming Blog Tour”

Find more posts from about living in the now HERE


Awesome Picture Created By Melissa @ Print Therapy

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”
― Bill Watterson


Melissa Wert at Print Therapy wrote a wonderful blog post recently about enjoying the day to day journey and process of life.  We are so consumed by how much better life will be once we reach our goals that we never appreciate the steps we take to get there.  She summed it up very eloquently: “The Beauty is in the Blooming”.  Her beautiful words inspired me to create this free printable for you (I have it hung in my office):



The Beauty is in the Blooming


Click Here to Download (.jpg)

Click Here to Download (.pdf)


Since starting my creative business I have definitely noticed a shift in my priorities and that needs to change.  I taught myself to crochet, began creating some awesome stuff and decided I wanted to turn my hobby into a business.  It is something I enjoy and do well.  Once you make the leap to creating a business everything changes!  I can’t tell you how much time I spend reading and learning about creating a successful creative business.  On top of that I have to set goals, market, promote, and connect with others.  I spend much less time actually creating my items than I do selling them.  (I really do love the business side though).  I am so focused on having a successful shop and blog that I forget how much I love crocheting and writing.  From now on I am going to stop and enjoy each step of the journey!

Please remember to stop in over at Melissa’s blog and read her wonderful post (I know you’ll love it)


Are you rushing towards the finish line?  Do you wish you were enjoying the journey more?  How can we make sure that the joy of our hobbies doesn’t get lost in the pursuit for success?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Pinterest Adventures: Fixing Broken Makeup

Fix Broken Makeup


Find Original Source Here (lots of great beauty tips too!)

Pinterest Try Grade: A+!

This pin is very popular right now across Pinterest.  Basically, it says that you can follow a few simple steps and fix your makeup.  For example when you drop your bronzer on the floor and open it and what was once a nice pressed powder is now a mess of powder chunks.

Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the makeup (enough to make it into a paste).  Then use something like a spoon, butter knife, or small spatula (a Spatty Daddy perhaps?) to smooth it out completely.  You want to make it look like it originally did, nice and packed down and smooth.  Then just wait until it dries and… good as new!!!

This pin is 100% awesome! I use it when I drop my makeup and ruin it and also when I am running low and the makeup is stuffed in around the corner and I want better use of it.

Fix Your Makeup

Find original source for this photo here (with video)

Try this one for sure!  (The first time I tried it I broke my makeup on purpose just to try it)

Have you tried it?  Please share!!!!

Summer Creative Bucket List

Between the warming weather and reviewing April Bowles-Olin’s 101 Creative Habits (which you must check out)  I have been inspired to spend my summer creating and trying new things.  Warm weather gives me much more flexibility and inspiration for making and creation.  You can find supplies all around whether it is leaves, pretty feathers, or beautiful flowers.

I have an ongoing regular “summer bucket list” so that I make sure I don’t forget any of the fun things I want to do but here I am sharing my “creative bucket list”.  These are a few of the things I want to do to work on my creative process and keep my inspiration nice and sharp.  The first one is mine with the activities that I want to accomplish.  The second is a free printable for you!  It is blank so you can use my ideas, check Pinterest, or read the article mentioned above.  Enjoy and make the most of your summer!

Summer Creative Bucket List


To Download Your Free Blank Bucket List Click Here

Creative Bucket List Blank

To Download this Printable Click Here 

I would love to hear what is on your “creative bucket list”.  Please share in the comments!!






Cleaning Supply Review: Method Glass and Surface

Method Glass Review


*This is NOT a sponsored post, I pay full price for all my products and I am a regular paying consumer just like you*

Cost: $3.99 at Hannaford for 28 fl oz ($.14/oz vs Windex at $.11/oz)

Method products are advertised as eco-friendly appealing to customers wishing to inject a little “green living” into their homes.  This particular glass cleaner is said to have “ammonia-free plant based powergreen technology”.  When first picking this up in the store I had absolutely no idea what that meant (as most people probably don’t).  So… I did a little research and according to methodhome.com it means:

“powergreen™ technology is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch.  In our glass cleaner, a corn-based solvent eliminates dirt, dust and pesky handprints, so ammonia is but a distant memory”

I’m still not 100% sure what it means but it is better than using nasty smelling ammonia.  From what I have researched so far I can tell that the Method Home company does in fact try to make the world better and does take steps to create products in a more sustainable way (at least according to them).  Their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (that’s good), they never test on animals (also good but not sure it is relevant to glass cleaner), and they seek to reduce their carbon footprint (good if they ARE reducing their carbon footprint).

Now, back to the product.  As far as glass cleaners go this one does work.  It does not streak and does a great job of cleaning glass and mirrors.  It is also labeled as a surface cleaner but it doesn’t necessarily have any anti-bacterial power so I personally wouldn’t use it there.

This product is mint scented.  I found that incredibly odd at first.  I don’t think I have ever bought any cleaning product with a mint scent before this one.  Personally I really don’t like the smell but it doesn’t linger and if you like mint I highly recommend it.  It also smells WAY better than Windex or ammonia.

Grade: B+

I give this a B+ because it does work.  However, it is $3.99 (compared to using vinegar at $.50 for the same amount) which is a little high for cleaning windows and mirrors.  I also really did not like the scent but I am going to be trying their other products soon and those scents look amazing!

If you have an extra $3.99 to spare and are in need of glass cleaner go ahead and buy this and know that the recycled plastic and lack of ammonia are doing just a little bit more to help “green” up the Earth.  Also if you like the scent of mint than definitely buy it!!


Have you tried any of Method’s products?  What are your thoughts?  Which ones would you like to see reviewed?


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Green Living: Baby Steps to an “Eco-Friendly” Life





Green Living: Baby Steps for Living an “Eco-Friendly” Life

Green Living



Eco-friendly, sustainable, green… they all seem to be “buzz words” these days.  I have always had an interest in environmental science and conservation but living “green” can be overwhelming and expensive.  It is incredibly hard to change how you live overnight especially when you don’t necessarily see the effect easily.  Even if you are not passionate about the “saving the world” there are small changes you can make that won’t break the bank or turn your life upside down.

I have researched this topic quite a bit and here are my thoughts and best advice on getting your feet wet in the new “let’s get green” world.  You may not fix the whole in the ozone layer but every little bit really does make a difference.


Baby Step 1.


Duh!  We have been hearing this for decades now.  I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t recycle at all until about 3 years ago.  Since recycling soda cans, cardboard, and glass I have saved hundreds (at least) of dollars on my trash costs.  Recycling is free in most (if not all) neighborhoods and some even offer “No Sort”.  This means that anything you have that could be recycled is all just thrown together and you can dump it all in one place (glass usually needs to be separated).  If for no other reason than saving tons of money this is a very easy way to head towards “green living” and makes a big difference in the health of our planet.

Baby Step 2.


Get into the habit of reading the labels of items that you buy.  I am not talking about all of a sudden switching to grass-fed beef, cage free eggs, and organic veggies.  I just want you to be aware of what you are bringing into your home.  This applies to everything that you purchase.  Food, clothing, home goods, furniture and cleaning supplies all either contain multiple ingredients or are created through an extensive process.  The ingredients and process can be unsustainable, toxic, or just plain gross!  Know what you are buying.  Know what you are eating.  Learning about products can often be enough to encourage a change.  The documentary “Food, Inc” is awesome if you are at  all interested in learning more.

Baby Step 3.


This is my favorite!  Not only will it save you tons of money but it is super easy.  Reuse what?  Start off by buying less stuff!!  Stop buying hundreds of rolls of paper towels a year and buy reusable cloths (shameless plug for my items here).  If you do HAVE to use plastics bags save them and bring them back with you the next time you are shopping.  Clean out candle jars and find new fun uses.  I use an old candle jar with a nice lid for Q-tips and cotton balls.  Not only is it great for the Earth but it is pretty!  If you enjoy crafting this can be a lot of fun.  Check out Pinterest for inspiration.


You may not save the world by implementing these tips but I promise you will be making a difference!!!  Stay tuned for posts on homemade, inexpensive, and effective cleaning supplies.  I am also launching an eco-friendly line of home and baby goods so keep an eye out.

I definitely did not cover all the easy ways to implement small change but here are some resources you may find helpful:

Mother Earth News  I love this magazine and website.  They offer tons and tons of resources and tips on making changes in your everyday life.  I find self sustainability completely fascinating.

Worldwatch Institute  More ideas on going green while saving green!

The Green Guide  This site will help when doing your shopping.  Find out what large companies are doing to be “greener”.  How can you make your beauty routine eco-friendly?

What are you already doing that is eco-friendly?  Do you shop and eat organic?  I’d love to hear more about how that is fitting in with your life!




Scent Booster Pinterest Adventures

Pin Worth Trying!

I love Pinterest!  I always find amazing tips, DIYs, and recipes that I never would have thought of.  Since signing up with Pinterest I have tried many (many) of the pins I was intrigued by.  I will be sharing with you the trials & tribulations of various pins I have tried and how they worked out.  Today we will start with an easy one that you can try today!

Pinterest Adventures


The original pin (the one I found) came from Amber at Texas Tales (Bells and Kilts)

Use Downy Unstoppable Scented Wax Beads in your tart warmer as an air freshener.  I have tried this trick and I love it.  It makes the whole house smell like clean laundry (if you like that) and since it is being warmed with a candle the scent lasts at least as long as your candle does.  These also pop out of my tart warmer much easier than Yankee Candle tarts.  As much as I love the scent and dual purpose, take the cost into consideration.  These little scent boosters are super expensive and you can go through them incredibly fast.  If the cost doesn’t bother you, do it!

Do you have any pins you are scared to try?  What have you pinned that you are curious about?  Let me know and I will try them out and let you know how they work out!

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