Pinterest Adventures: Fixing Broken Makeup

Fix Broken Makeup


Find Original Source Here (lots of great beauty tips too!)

Pinterest Try Grade: A+!

This pin is very popular right now across Pinterest.  Basically, it says that you can follow a few simple steps and fix your makeup.  For example when you drop your bronzer on the floor and open it and what was once a nice pressed powder is now a mess of powder chunks.

Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the makeup (enough to make it into a paste).  Then use something like a spoon, butter knife, or small spatula (a Spatty Daddy perhaps?) to smooth it out completely.  You want to make it look like it originally did, nice and packed down and smooth.  Then just wait until it dries and… good as new!!!

This pin is 100% awesome! I use it when I drop my makeup and ruin it and also when I am running low and the makeup is stuffed in around the corner and I want better use of it.

Fix Your Makeup

Find original source for this photo here (with video)

Try this one for sure!  (The first time I tried it I broke my makeup on purpose just to try it)

Have you tried it?  Please share!!!!


Scent Booster Pinterest Adventures

Pin Worth Trying!

I love Pinterest!  I always find amazing tips, DIYs, and recipes that I never would have thought of.  Since signing up with Pinterest I have tried many (many) of the pins I was intrigued by.  I will be sharing with you the trials & tribulations of various pins I have tried and how they worked out.  Today we will start with an easy one that you can try today!

Pinterest Adventures


The original pin (the one I found) came from Amber at Texas Tales (Bells and Kilts)

Use Downy Unstoppable Scented Wax Beads in your tart warmer as an air freshener.  I have tried this trick and I love it.  It makes the whole house smell like clean laundry (if you like that) and since it is being warmed with a candle the scent lasts at least as long as your candle does.  These also pop out of my tart warmer much easier than Yankee Candle tarts.  As much as I love the scent and dual purpose, take the cost into consideration.  These little scent boosters are super expensive and you can go through them incredibly fast.  If the cost doesn’t bother you, do it!

Do you have any pins you are scared to try?  What have you pinned that you are curious about?  Let me know and I will try them out and let you know how they work out!

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