Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business Book Review

Book Review: Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business

If you are anything like me you are one of the millions of people watching Shark Tank.  Some people watch for the arguments and fighting between the Sharks, some watch for the entrepreneurs who fall on their faces and others (like myself) watch because we are entrepreneurs who love all things business. Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business combines the tv show we love with actually business advice.

I was very excited when I saw that there was a book based around Shark Tank that discussed the process of starting a business instead of just a biography of the Sharks.  Since I am incredibly busy (school, work, and my side businesses) I am obsessed with audio books.  I can be learning and growing while driving, cleaning, working, etc… After reading reviews of the Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business I was skeptical.  The reviews from Amazon and Itunes were not great.  Most people said if you knew anything about business than this book was not for you.  I couldn’t disagree more.  I believe I know more about small business startup than the average person (through experience, learning, and researching) and I really enjoyed the book.

Throughout you will find “Shark Bites” which are quotes from the Sharks themselves.  The book takes you through a startup (product or service) from the idea to marketing and growing.  They even spend time talking about franchises, both the pros and cons and how they differ. As someone who loves all things business and is also a huge fan of Shark Tank I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in being an entrepreneur or already has a small business and needs some advice or just wants to learn.


Have you read Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business?  What did you think?  What other business or Shark Tank books are you reading?


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