Summer Creative Bucket List

Between the warming weather and reviewing April Bowles-Olin’s 101 Creative Habits (which you must check out)  I have been inspired to spend my summer creating and trying new things.  Warm weather gives me much more flexibility and inspiration for making and creation.  You can find supplies all around whether it is leaves, pretty feathers, or beautiful flowers.

I have an ongoing regular “summer bucket list” so that I make sure I don’t forget any of the fun things I want to do but here I am sharing my “creative bucket list”.  These are a few of the things I want to do to work on my creative process and keep my inspiration nice and sharp.  The first one is mine with the activities that I want to accomplish.  The second is a free printable for you!  It is blank so you can use my ideas, check Pinterest, or read the article mentioned above.  Enjoy and make the most of your summer!

Summer Creative Bucket List


To Download Your Free Blank Bucket List Click Here

Creative Bucket List Blank

To Download this Printable Click Here 

I would love to hear what is on your “creative bucket list”.  Please share in the comments!!







9 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

As I am writing this it is FREEZING cold, dark and everything is covered with ice.  Today I read a very depressing article about when spring would arrive in which I learned that this awful weather has a long way to go.  In the Northeast it will be snowing and cold until the end of March.  Ugh… I’m over winter, ready for summer and experiencing very severe cabin fever.  So what is a girl to do as February is being ushered in and warm weather is just a beautiful mirage in the distance?  These are some things that I have been doing to cheer myself up and I hope they will bring you some joy as well!

9 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

  1. Browse seed catalogs and plan my garden:  Check out Burpee online and sign up for their free catalogs.  I also love Sprout Robot for planning out your garden down to every detail.  They will also send you “to-do list” reminders so you know exactly when to start your seeds, direct sow, and even water your garden.
  2. Buy a bathing suit:  Exactly what is sounds like…  You can think about all of the warm places to wear it and they are a bit cheaper right now.
  3. Plan summer getaways:  This is a good time of year for daydreaming all of the fun places you want to visit over the summer and will also save you time and money from booking last minute trips.  Most people need to plan trips early anyway (for work, budget, etc…) so why not enjoy the process, get creative, and imagine a hot summer day at the beach with a tasty adult beverage.
  4. Visit Home Depot: This could be any home improvement store or nursery that inspires you, for me its Home Depot.  I love going there for either craft inspiration or to imagine all of the projects I want to take on once the snow melts.
  5. Make something bright and cheery: If you are reading this blog you probably have at least a little interest in creating things.  Try a DIY project that will brighten up your home or office.  Make a bright painting for your studio wall.  Sew pretty curtains for your living room (I love these fabrics designed by Bonnie Christine).  The list here is endless and I could go on forever here but I won’t (for now at least).  This is a great time to paint a room in your house.  Paint is the cheapest and most effective way to change the look of your home.  Dark colors make a room cozy and warm in the winter but as winter fades lighter colors are a must!
  6. Let’s get physical!: Workout or participate in any activity that gets your heart rate up and the endorphins pumping.  You don’t have to go to the gym, try playing a Wii game or even Twister.  Just get moving.
  7. Pinterest: The ultimate website for all things inspiring.  If you haven’t yet been pinning then what are you waiting for?!?  Check out the Gardening section, the Outdoors section and the DIY section.
  8. Get some Vitamin D:  Go outside, absorb the sun, and play!  It might be hard to think of going outside in 20 degree weather but bundle up, make a snowman, learn to ski, or try snowshoeing.  I promise getting some fresh air and sunshine will do your body good.  Just please make sure to wear sunblock and lip balm with an SPF.  Yes you can get a sunburn in the winter!
  9. Make a summer bucket list: Start thinking now about all the things you want to do when it warms up.  Summer tends to fly by especially in the Northeast and you don’t want to waste it away being bored or forgetting all the new things you wanted to try.  There are lots of free printables on the web for bucket lists and I recommend looking at others to help brainstorm.  Try here, here, or here.

I hope this list gets you excited about the coming months and maybe even if just for a minute helps you forget about the cold outside.  To be honest, writing this post has helped cure my cabin fever immensely!  Do you experience cabin fever?  How do you get over it?  I’d love to hear from you!


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